The Note to Close 2020

2020 is coming to an end soon, plenty of unwanted situation happened this year. But I’m very grateful for my career growth this year. For plenty of years, I’ve been working on different industries and situations. For more than 10 Years I worked in a media company, then I moved to agencies life. Being chased by the client is a very common thing in agency life. Well with this post I want to recap all the great things, the ups, and downs in 2020.

  1. January, Jakarta was flooded but I went on a vacay to Bali, btw this is my true vacation trip to Bali. All the times before was like working all the time or for event nor shooting. It was a fun few days for refreshing my mind in early 2020. Also, I turned 36 that month and it was a fun day!
  2. February, I went to KL just to get my special 40th Year Anniversary edition walkman and hang out at few places with Daphne, Penny! It was a short trip but so many memories.
  3. March, it was Java Jazz as usual but I went with new friends Amel and Ray. during Java Jazz Reza my long-time Java Jazz buddies introduce me to his girlfriend who turned out to be my relative. Corona also really make the debut in March in Indonesia. So this month is the first lockdown in Indonesia.
  4. April, well most of the time in this month is staying at home. I played Animal Crossing a lot during this time! One of the sad news in April is one of my fave singer Bill withers passed away. Also this April I started my podcast but I kind of lazy to continue to create content >_<.
  5. May, it’s Ramadhan, and fasting is on! This is one of the toughest months not because of the fasting but the load of the campaign in the workplace. It was a super stressful time this month. One of the highlights is my students is having their internship report defense and it was quite a fun distraction for me. Btw this is the first time in years for Ied I didn’t visit my grandfather’s house in Jakarta. The first Corona Ied!.
  6. June, well this is the month I was one of the Glints speakers discussing KOL marketing. The sad news for this month is my previous friend ki Gendeng Pamungkas passed away. Fun times during this month is there is Japan for the world online concert and it made one of my weekends! 
  7. July, I think this is the 1st time I went to the office after several months working from home. This is one of the sad months because my aunt Upik passed away, also this month I submit my resignation letter. Such a bold and brave move to change jobs during a pandemic.
  8. August, on this month cafe, started to open until 11 PM so on this month I had a catch up with one of my college friends Ramin, we talked a lot and it was really fun! This is my last month working for Anymind Group and I’m very touched that I was loved by my team.
  9. September, I went to travel during covid days, it’s one of my vacations. Well on this month the CastingAsia influencer marketing team is having a staycation! And on 6th Sept I went to Bali but during my vacation, I got another sad news, Aunt Titi passed away because of Covid-19. The end of the month marked my new journey at ShopeePay Indonesia.
  10. October, So this is the month I tried to adapt to ShopeePay working lifestyle. 1st time i visited ShopeePay office and working from the office. I also met my cousin Angga at BSD at the end of the month.
  11. November, This is such a busy month (i thought it was) but it was such a shocking month. Ramin passed away it was so sudden. The highlight of this month is my JavaJazz buddy Reza is getting married!
  12. December, Now this is the real busy campaign work month! But even though is packed, I manage to go to Purbalingga to have a mini-event reunion with Stockshot ID buddies. It was my first time riding the train during covid days. Big surprise is my little brother and his family visited us in Bogor, and my dad really happy because he can see his grandson! Also on this month I manage to pass my probation at ShopeePay and now I’m a real orange blood ShopeePay worker.

Well, that is my 2020 high & low lights. It was quite the roller coaster I say. I’m very grateful that I manage to survive in 2020. I hope You also enjoy and grateful for all the things that happened in 2020. I know it may not be all great, we all have our own loss and feel stressed because of Covid. I have big hopes for 2021 and I hope we can see each other soon without any mask or restriction. I miss all of you dear friends and family, and I hope you feel the same way too.

See you soon in 2021

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