Acha’s Birthday Wish List

Dear Friends & Family, you surely familiar about my routine hahahaha! Cut to the chase this is my birthday wishlist đŸ˜€ As you probably get notification on your FB account that my upcoming birthday is due 16 Jan 2021. try to get it for me or a prayer will do đŸ˜€ no pressure

1. I want to get married next year with a beautiful, kind, spontaneous, smart, have the same faith (religion or willing to convert :-p ), less height than me (around 150-165cm), also it would be awesome if she can speak and read Japan fluently an additional if she can sings and play piano it will be super Awesome!!

2. I want A gaming Laptop!!! I think Asus ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS GA401IV-RYZEN 9- is good enough the choice IDR 26.500.000 (link:–PTP-60101-00796-00001)

3. Sega Genesis Mini IDR 700K (

4. SONY ZV-1 Digital Compact Camera IDR 10.000.000 (

5. Mazda MX-5 IDR 419.000.000

6. Teac MC-D800(Ch) Turntable CD Player BLuetooth USB radio MP3 IDR 5.500.000 (

7. I want Neo Geo Mini IDR 700K (link

8. Teenage Engineering OP-Z IDR 12.200.000 (link

9. Ableton Push 2 IDR 12.000.000 (

10.  The Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson (IDR 2.350.000)

11. Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) Smile Slime Desk Organizer Calendar Slim IDR 530.000 (

12. ESP Doraemon Mini Guitar 80th Limited Edition Rare Limited Gitar  IDR 5.500.000 (

13. Snoopy Timex IDR 1.300.000 (

14. Seiko Samurai IDR. 4.130.000 (–MTA-4766917?ds=LUE-60024-00486-00001&source=SEARCH&sid=f841c10f4695f4bc&cnc=false&pickupPointCode=PP-3039294&pid=MTA-4766917)

15. Flute IDR 6.500.000

16. Sony WF 1000XM3 warna Silver IDR 2.300.000 (–STS-16697-02319-00002?ds=STS-16697-02319-00001&source=SEARCH&sid=a7644ffb3539b0d5&cnc=false&pickupPointCode=PP-3010093&pid=MTA-8235364)

17. Switch Namcot Collection IDR 380.000 (

18. BOOK – Dragon Quest Illustrations 30th Anniversary IDR 550.000 (

19. PVC Figure King Slime & Knight Slime Dragon Quest Prize C (Set 2) IDR 550.000


That’s all folks thank you and please for this year no need to be secretive, I really wanted to know who send me that Omega watch back then!

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