Verified Instagram Account -Do You Really Need it?-

Why influencers / even buzzers in Indonesia wanted to have verification badge on Instagram? Well lot’s of people is dreaming to have the blue verification tick besides their name. If only they knew the reason for this. Only the most popular and influential Instagrammers will ever see it, that is what supposed to be. But the fact is not like that.

In Indonesia buzzers and Influencers want this blue tick so much even he is a nobody just an active Instagram user who is already an influencer or influencers wanna be. Most of the Influencer needed the blue tick to get a boost in their rate card. To be honest it’s also boost their digital presence in the platform, and something you can really brag to your fellow influencers. It’s not wrong if you wanted it but you should see for yourself, do you deserve it? it can be incredibly difficult to get verified on Instagram. The social networks have not designed them to represent status. They were created to signify authenticity. This is the main Point! People see the blue tick as a sign of status!

The term “verified” indicates that Instagram (or another social network) has made an effort to ensure that you are who you say you are. To make it simple this account is a real account of the rightful owner and he/she is someone is important or have a cause. Instagram only wants to verify people whom they deem important enough for somebody to want to set up fake accounts or imitate. If you are a “normal” person, there is no reason for somebody to impersonate you. So, from Instagram’s point of view, there is no reason to verify you.

So in this post I just want to ask my fellow friends, do you need it or just simply you want it?

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