Goodbye 2016! and 2017 Please Bring Love :D

There are so many things happened in 2016. But First of all I want to thank God (Allah SWT) for everything that happened in 2016. My highlights of 2016 can be divided to few chapter or like the companies usually do quarterly :p.

  1. The Jan- April (this month is where the love gone, at the beginning of the year all of my so called feelings for my crush is gone) after that I started to stop seeing her again (errr there is 2 of em, still can’t focus and settled for either one of them).heartbrokequote
  2. On May- August (this is the Working Period) well I begin to freelance for WEBTVASIA until July, during that period my work life balance is awful. I remember the days of Viral Fest Asia (VFA), in Bali. After the hustle and bustle of VFA, in August I decided to move permanently to WEBTVASIA Indonesia. After working 7 Years and 10 months in Woman Radio, it’s time for me to parted ways with the radio business. Well I’m hoping for a career change though and it was really something to work in a start-up environment.vfa-crowd1
  3. Sept-December (this is the new Beginning and Start over) well in September I learned many things about youtube CMS and platform, even I try to enhance my knowledge in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and every ads platform in google. The best thing that happened in this period is my Trip with the office colleagues to WebtvAsia Awards at Korea. That was a really great experience and very memorable for me. Btw got another crush in this period and again kind of ended absurdly (still).wp_20161128_00_20_03_pro

Well to sum it up 2016 is all about work! There is some of love stories inside of it but not much and almost all of it end up absurdly. (Sigh) still no luck in love for 2016 :p Through the stress and relieve, I Thank God for all the things that happened in 2016, there always a reason why things happened and I believe 2017 will bring more challenge in Work, Life and Love. Cheers to all my friends that accompany me through all of the things that happened. Love you all guys (I Can’t mention all of you here). And 2017 Please be my year of Love :p Happy New Year guys! Say my regards to your loved ones!!!!!


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