Capable of love?

the title is “do you Capable of Love?” what is this?! well 2 weeks ago i had a chat with my old friend, and he is very-very much older than me. and after the catching up talk, then he said to me ” do you still seek that love? the true and cheesy love that usually happens in a love story movie?” well i said “not that kind in a love story movie, but i still in my quest to find my ideal girl, my ideal love”.

and suddenly he said a sentence that made me think quite for a while: he said “do you capable of love?” and he talk about my tweet messages, my experience with girls and women… he said “you always search for that sensation.. the falling in love sensation, the misery that love gave you, the awkward feeling when you met your date for the first time, its like you’re on a mission to conquer a woman heart, and after you get her you feel satisfied and move on to other girls just to feel the fall in love sensation all over again” he added “what you experience is not real love, that’s just a desperate state of longing for care and attention and you get it through meeting with new girls… and if you don’t stop that, you won’t feel what you so called love anymore… just empty feelings… so i ask you once again do you capable of love?”

After that i realize that what he said is not 100% true but i wonder if I was capable of loving someone truly, with all my heart??? I really wonder….


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