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Quotes from H. P. Lovecraft

Unhappy is he to whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness   This quote reminds me of someone, she is very happy on the outside but i’ll never know what her thoughts deep inside. her childhood is not common for a girl her age. i miss her though and will always remember…

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Goodbye Woman Radio 94.3 FM

Dear all, It’s Almost Eight Years. Making new friends in the early years. Having new big family in the present times . That’s why it’s not about leaving, but it’s about moving on. I’m moving on to meet new people. I’m moving on to make new friends. I’m moving on to have a bigger family…

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This is the Sign

Dalam seminggu udah 2x dapet talkshow utk wedding Expo, dan sekarang dikasih undangan utk dateng sekalian. This is the Universe giving me strong signs!! #Signs #ThisIsTheSigns View on Path

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Getting Old!

  Happy Birthday… A simple 2 words that can burden your life or take it as a blessing for your life is prolonged. Well for your information I was just turning 32 yesterday (this is based on when I post this). It was always fun and happy to hear your friends and family give you…

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Indonesia Making Love Songs

Mau sharing sedikit tentang lagu nih… belakangan ini banyak sekali musisi Indonesia yang muncul dan mereka semua luar biasa! mereka semua punya keunikan dari lagu, lirik, penampilan dan musikalitas! saya sangat suka sekali pendatang baru seperti Danilla, Isyana Sarasvati, Kunto Aji, Segara Ega, Abenk Alter dan lain-lain. Namun entah mengapa tetap ya lagu lama memiliki kekuatan…

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