some quotes that inspired me

hello… how are you? i hope everybody doin fine… i want to share my favorite movies quote or any quote that shows on TV and Comics and it goes like this


Cowboy bebop:

Spike Spiegel: ” There was a woman, first time I’d found someone who was truly alive. At least, that’s what I thought. She was… the part of me I’d lost somewhere along the way, the part that was missing, that I’d been longing for”



Katou Hideyoshi : “i only fight with people that look stronger than me! Else i can’t burn!” 


Murata Shougo Head of the 7th generation of The Armament : “Bastards like us only make a stand when one of three things is on the line: our freedom, our women, or our families.”



Yasuda Yasuo : “sometimes you have to fight, even though you’re going to lose..” 


Yep that’s all for today… later on I will give some favorite lyric part from a song.. see you then


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