Acha Birthday Wish List 2022

Dear Friends & Family, nearing the end of 2021 which I can say is the year of coming back after the corona pandemic hit hard in 2020. As you are surely familiar with my routine hahaha! Again, this is my birthday wishlist πŸ˜€ As you probably get notification on your FB account that my upcoming birthday is due 16 Jan 2022. try to get it for me or prayer will do πŸ˜€ no pressure

1. I want to get married Hopefully this year with a beautiful Woman (if she has oriental / Japanese look will be very grateful, kind-hearted, spontaneous, smart, have the same faith (religion or willing to convert :-p ), less height than me (around 150-168cm). for this maybe you can introduce someone or sending a prayer is good enough πŸ˜€

2. I want a Watch winder

3. a Moleskin Special edition 2022 Planner this is one of my hobbies and collection

4. SONY ZV-1 e10 Digital Compact Camera I need a new vlog camera πŸ˜€

5. Monitor Portable 16″ VIEWSONIC VG1656 IPS full HD. USB type C I need this to work remotely πŸ˜€

6. Sony Turntable PS-LX310BT Turntable Vinyl Wireless Bluetooth Record Player I wanted this since its early release, would still be great if i have one now

7. since I don’t have a green watch I wanted this Seiko Presage Mockingbird Cocktail SRPD37 SRPD37J1 another addition to my watch collection SOMEONE ALREADY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY

8. Lensa Fujifilm Fujinon Xc 50-230MM / 50-230 F/4.5-6.7 OIS II – SILVER to take scenery pic and animals pic

9. Lensa 35 FUJIFILM XC 35MM F/2 – LENSA FUJI XC 35MM F2 – FUJIFILM XC 35MM F2 for street photography purposes

10.  Switch Game Metroid Special Edition

11. Jam Tangan Pria Timex Pac-Man T80 Silvertone – TW2U31900

12. Herschel Odell Messenger Bag – Raven X looks good for daily uses SOMEONE ALREADY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY

13. Snoopy Timex Watch

14. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, since mine is kind of in bad shape after 3 years of usage SOMEONE ALREADY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY

15. Speaker Akai

16. BUKU GameBoy buts need to pre-order

17. Calvin & Hobbes Complete Collection

18. Xiaomi Vacuum for cleaning purposes obviously – SOMEONE ALREADY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY

19. Samsung Keyboard Trio 500 just wanted to try this and maybe can ease work remotely SOMEONE ALREADY WILLING TO GIVE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY

20.  Sony Wireless headphones cool stuff if you work outside and on the go!!

21. M-Audio Midi Controller Oxygen Pro Mini

I wanted to put Teenage engineering Mega Man as one of my wish lists but one of my girls (i meant colleague already give it to me on Nov 2021, Big thanks to you know who you are!) That’s all folks please contact me if you want to give me which give so the others won’t send or give the same present ;p Thank you and please for this year no need to be secretive, I really wanted to know who send me that Omega watches back then!


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