Madrigal for her

that day i saw u sitting there at the usual place i wait for my ride
wanting to talk to you more than anyone else
but this lips sealed by my promise i said back than
when i didn’t realize that this feelings for u was true
waving goodbye and see your smiling face..
that is the only thing i can do
shouldering amount of unspoken words of love in my heaps and sigh repeatedly
while the time ended that night
if only i have more bravery will things change?
could it be beautiful? funny? or just an ordinary love…
my meaningless words only bother you
my unspoken love story added my long list of cowardliness
and so tomorrow i’ll wait again for you to come
only to see your smiling face
just to see your smiling face
even from far away i”ll wait for you to come

this is one of my old writings.. Hahahaha suddenly i want to re-publish it. well its one of my “shy guy moment” waiting for someone that i like but cant say much because i get nervous when the person i adore is close to me…..


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